CNEC - Centre for New Empowerment Concepts

CNEC is a virtual think tank and strategic consulting firm based in Vienna, Austria.

Vienna was chosen as a location because of the city's central European location and its rich humanistic and philosophic tradition. As a think tank CNEC seeks forward-looking, balanced and sustainable answers to the diverse challenges of a modern mass society; as a strategic consulting firm we provide governments, supranational entities, and international companies with analysis, strategies, and actionable concepts and assist in their implementation in the real world.

CNEC has neither ideological bias nor political affiliation, but is dedicated to reason, enlightenment, and human progress. We try to reflect and integrate social, economical, ecological, and philosophical aspects of empowerment in a modern mass society and provide visions and concepts for the redefinition of the complex relationship between state, big business, society, and the individual.

And we are looking for the third way: The New Continental European way.

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